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Meet the Women of Pro Bass Tournaments

“A fish doesn’t know the difference between a man or a woman on the other end of the line,” Bradley said. “It’s really just me and the fish, instead of me competing just against guys.”

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Prep Your Boat for Northern Spring Fishing

For northern anglers, waiting for ice to melt is kind of like watching water boil. It’s a real test of patience. Here are tasks that should be considered to prevent problems later on, or sooner.

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Learning The Ropes

An abiding rule with mariners is that rope becomes “line” when it comes on the boat. Is the christening of rope just a formal seamanship term? Not at all and here are reasons why.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Towing A Boat On The Water

Birds of a feather flock together. When a boater is in need, another will gladly pitch in to help. Such is the case with rendering aid and towing a fellow boater in need, right? Not necessarily, and here is why.

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Choosing Watersports Towing Hardware

Watersports have evolved over time into highly specialized—or not—activities that can be enjoyed by anyone. You can stay seated and take a lazy spin on a basic innertube, be more daring and stand up and glide across the surface on water skis or go airborne with a wakeboard. No matter which speed or thrill level you choose, the most important connection between you and the boat is the tow point.

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First Aid For Boaters

Accidents happen, even on the water. That is why boaters should be prepared with what to do should someone onboard—or on another vessel—need medical help. Knowledge, quick action and proper treatment can slow down an injury before it worsens.

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Choosing A Rod And Reel

The shopping task sounds simple enough—pick up a new rod and reel. Once upon a time, that might have been as easy as that, too. Choices were fewer with rods and reels essentially universal in their angling applications. For light line and small lures, you went with a spinning outfit. For everything else, it was a baitcaster.

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10 Weird Lures You Should Try

Anglers are notorious for blaming slow fishing conditions on the fish, when they could blame themselves for not using the right bait.

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Must-Have Tools For Meat Anglers

A fillet knife is undeniably the most important tool of the catch-and-keep angler. Some prefer the ease of pressing a switch and making nimble cuts with an electric knife. Others swear by carving the meat by hand with a razor-sharp stainless-steel full tang blade model.

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How to Choose an Outboard Propeller

Should I switch from an aluminum propeller to one made of stainless steel? Will a four-blade prop improve my holeshot? Is my prop too big or small? What prop do I need to make my boat go faster?

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To Upgrade … Or Not

The dead of winter gives many boaters the itch to think about the boating season ahead. If you are among them, you might be thinking of upgrades or changes to accessories on your boat.

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Choosing A Trolling Motor

A successful day of fishing from a boat comes down to teamwork. Your outboard can get you from the shore to the hot spot, but it falls short in maneuvering the boat to where the fish are biting.

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Don’t miss out on Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s CLUB points!

Are you a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s CLUB Member? If so, there is a special member benefit for credit card holders that you might not know about.

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Tips For Better Boat Performance

Improving the performance of your boat is more than making it go faster. Better fuel economy and even safer boating are among the benefits of fine tuning the performance of the boat, engine or both.

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How to Choose a Tow Vehicle

Once upon a time, choosing a tow vehicle to pull a boat began and ended with one feature—fastening a hitch and tow ball to the rear fender. Today, boaters can benefit from vehicles that are geared specifically for towing boats.

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Guide to Live Bait

Sometimes nothing beats live bait for catching fish. Sport fish get conditioned over time to seeing the same lures, especially in waters receiving heavy angling pressure. Bass don’t eat spinnerbaits, nor do red drum dine on hard plastic topwater plugs. So why not offer them a meal that looks, smells and even tastes like dinner?

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10 Things You Need to Know About Towing

Is there more to towing a boat than just hooking it to your vehicle and heading to the lake? Of course! There are lots of details you need to know about even before buying your boat.

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FAQs for Boaters

Got questions? Here are answers to common questions asked by boaters.

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Knowing Aids To Navigation

If you are new to boating, you have probably encountered myriad shapes, sizes and colors of signs, markers and buoys. Some have beacons and strobes, while others might have horns to alert you of a danger. Those aids to navigation are the traffic signals that guide boaters safely along the waterways. They also identify dangerous or controlled areas, and give directions and information.

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How Does That Part Work?

You turn on the depthfinder and the high definition screen lights up with a colorful display of the bottom contours and a number displaying the depth. How the heck does that work? Well, there is a part in the bottom of your boat that makes it happen.

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Boat Insurance 101

You have just given the nod to the sales consultant about purchasing the boat of your dreams. Before you hitch it up and take a maiden voyage, there is one very important thing you might need, beyond a full tank of fuel.

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Launching and Loading Checklist

Going through a checklist of steps you need to take for launching and loading a boat might seem too much like work. Yet the little things add up—like remembering to install the drain plug—and all it takes is forgetting one step to ruin an otherwise picture-perfect day on the water.

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Recycling Christmas Trees For Fishing

A holiday downer comes when it’s time to take down the Christmas tree. If you are an avid angler, though, you can actually look forward to what otherwise is a gloomy task. Best of all, you can enjoy the spirt of giving long after Christmas ends.

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Boat Financing 101

Why should you be thinking about boating during the dead of winter? There are a lot of reasons, beyond just brightening those cold days with daydreams of warm, sunny days on the water. One is that boat show season is coming soon, and with it the opportunity to take advantage of the best deals of the year. 

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Boaters

Is there a boater on your holiday shopping list? If so, narrow down the choices to practical gifts. Boaters love gadgets and accessories that serve a purpose. Here are our 10 ideas to help fill your list.

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No Rod & Reel Needed For These Fishing Tactics

There’s fresh seafood, and then there’s really fresh seafood. The taste is noticeably more delicious when seafood comes directly to market from the commercial fishing boat. 

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Trot Lines, Limb Lines, Jug Lines

Cast and retrieve. Repeat. That is what it takes to catch fish with a rod and reel. The idea is the more casts you make, the more fish you will catch.

Boat Capacity Label

Boat Capacity Plates Decoded

Do you ever look at the white boat capacity plate near the console of your boat? Probably not. You might think it’s there to justify a legal requirement by the manufacturer.

Nitro Boat being launched

Boating Etiquette

Don’t be that guy. You know, that guy who ties up the busy launch ramp by packing gear into his boat. Or that guy at the marina who cranks up the Led Zeppelin so loud you can’t hear yourself think.

Tahoe Boat driving into sunset

13 Weird Boating Superstitions

Ancient mariners endured great danger and uncertainties as they crossed the open ocean in search of new worlds. Faced with so many unknowns, sailors put their faith in superstitions, omens and luck.

Pacific Sturgin Saltwater fish

Weird Fish To Catch

Some strange species are elusive loners. You never know what’s on the end of the line until the fish appears on the surface. Others make spawning runs that are “save the date” angling events due to their numbers.

Striped Mulet, Southern Sting Ray, Lion Fish

Weird Saltwater Fish To Eat

The allure of saltwater angling is sometimes shrouded in mystery. You don’t know what kind of fish is on the hook until it appears at the surface.

Tracker Boat in water while men fish

Boat Parts Explained

You don’t need to go overboard when it comes to knowing the parts of a boat. What is a good idea, however, is understanding the basic functions of boat parts. Ideally, many of the vital parts and the functions they perform are all connected.

Sun Tracker while people enjoy the water

Trade In vs. Private Sale

You’ve had another great summer with your boat. In the back of your mind, though, is one thought—you want to upgrade to a newer model. But that winter boat show where you got the great deal before is a long way off, and that’s when you get the best pricing.

Boat Hull Graphic

Boat Hull Comparison

When boat shopping, the first question that comes to mind is how you plan to use it. Anglers want tackle storage, families like comfortable seating and wakeboarders need speed. With the needs and features checked off the list, what comes next? Most often it’s the price. There might be something missing from the list, though—the boat’s hull design.

Tahoe Deck Series

Model Comparisons-Tahoe Deck Series

Think of TAHOE Deck Series boats like today’s ever popular crossover SUVs. You get a smooth sedan-like ride with the roomy interior of a sport utility vehicle. What’s cool about these deck boats is they are designed for fishing and family entertainment.

Bass Pro Boating Batteries

Choosing a Battery

Marine batteries are the unsung heroes of boat accessories. They stay hidden in a dark compartment, mostly ignored by everyone onboard, as they quietly do their jobs. That is, until the engine fails to start or the trolling motor doesn’t work.

Man Jigging

Weird Fish To Eat

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” has an epicurean definition when it comes to what are called “trash fish” in the freshwater angling world. Some species get a bad rap based on their uncommonly bad looks. But like they say, looks aren’t everything.

Man pulling boat anchor out

How to Choose an Anchor

Does your boat have an anchor? If so, is it of sufficient size and strength to hold your boat in place? Believe it or not, many boat owners decide on which anchor to buy based on convenience and storage space.

Mako Boat running shot

Boating Jargon Cheat Sheet

The language of boating jargon has a logical purpose—shorten phrases into single words of uniformity that can be clearly communicated—and understood—by anyone involved in the navigation or tending to of the vessel.

Young Pro Fishermen on Nitro Boat

All About High School and Collegiate Bass Fishing

High school team sports offer students the opportunity to compete for school pride and to earn college scholarships. Football, basketball and baseball are the all-too-familiar headliners. What about other sports, like bass fishing?

Saltwater Fish meal

Preparing Saltwater Fish For The Table

Even if you live on the coast, some of the tastiest fish in the sea are not available at the fish market. Why is that so? The answer is good news for boaters who catch their own saltwater fish to eat.

Man caught saltwater fish

Summer Saltwater Fish

Saltwater anglers have a good problem—there are so many species from which to choose. Catching them all could be a full-time job, which in fact, it is! Only charter captains have that luxury, so what about the rest of us?

Man catching fish

Catch These Fish This Summer

Largemouth bass get most of the attention from freshwater anglers, and rightfully so. From local bass clubs up to the big leagues, there are tournaments that make chasing bass for cash very lucrative. At the top of the freshwater food chain, bass grow big and fight hard. 

Fried fresh water fish meal

Eating Freshwater Fish

Unless your grocery store is in a coastal area, finding truly fresh fish is pure fantasy. A visit to the seafood department reveals that most of the catch came from a far-flung continent. 

Coast guard logo over water

Coast Guard Rules Everyone Should Follow

Boaters in the 42 states with mandatory boater education laws must obey specific rules when boating on their home waters. If you live in those states, there are other rules to know and follow—the U.S. Coast Guard Rules of the Road.

Conservation river

Practice Green Boating With These Tips

Boating is your gateway to the fun of being on the water. Why not respect this precious resource with environmentally friendly boating practices?

Fireworks over Tahoe Boat

Watching Fireworks From The Boat

The Fourth of July is like Christmas Day for boaters. Nothing represents this celebratory summer holiday more than a cookout (on or by the water!), a lot of watersports fun and of course, fireworks!

Cooler filled with ice graphic

How To Pack A Cooler

At first, you might think delving into this topic is a waste of time. All it takes to pack a cooler is tossing in the goods and topping it off with ice, right? Not quite!

Truck pulling Nitro Boat out of water

Vacation Checklist For Trailered Boats

Do you sometimes want to be a kid again? You can by taking a real kid fishing. Children are curious about and fascinated with the outdoors. Even the simple things that you might have outgrown—like skipping rocks along the shoreline—excite young minds. You might even rediscover how those little things can make spending outdoors so satisfying and fun.

Cell phone on holder in boat

10 Best Apps For Boating

You might have heard the phrase, or even used it yourself to describe the ubiquitous mobile phone software that connects everyone with the cyberworld. Not surprisingly, there are apps for just about any boating need. Reserve a slip from your phone, find the best times to fish, file and share a float plan and check the marine weather. Yep, there are apps for ALL that.

Kids fishing off Sun Tracker

Tips For Fishing With Kids

Do you sometimes want to be a kid again? You can by taking a real kid fishing. Children are curious about and fascinated with the outdoors. Even the simple things that you might have outgrown—like skipping rocks along the shoreline—excite young minds. You might even rediscover how those little things can make spending outdoors so satisfying and fun.

Family enjoying water while cleaning Sun Tracker

At Home Boat Care Tips

What boater doesn’t like sunshine and water? Can there be too much of such good things? The final answer is yes—especially when it comes to keeping a boat in tiptop shape.

Waking boarding behind Tahoe Boat

Great Ideas For A Boating Vacation

Just as there are boats designed for every interest, the same goes for where to go and enjoy boating activities. You might already know the best places on your home lake for fishing. The truth is, though, some lakes are better than others, and that goes for just about any other activity in the boating world.

Two men discussing Tracker Boat

Getting To Know Your Best Friend On The Water

The dealership called and the boat of your dreams will arrive soon for you to pick up. This exciting news has you giddy and already making plans to rush to the dealership, hook up the boat and go to the lake for a maiden voyage.

Fish in livewell

Livewell Fish Care Tips

You catch, weigh and release bass in tournaments, giving little thought to what happens to the fish next. After all, bass are released into the wild to be caught another day in catch-and-release tournaments, right? Not necessarily and here is why.

Family enjoying fruit on boat table

Heat Safety

Nothing beats the heat like taking a refreshing dip in the lake on a hot summer day. Does that quick swim really cool you off, though? You might be surprised to know the answer is not really. There is more to keeping cool in the heat than just making a splash.

Wake boarding behind boat

Watersports for All Ages

Wakeboarding. Waterskiing. Tubing. All three watersports peg the fun needle for thrill-seeking boaters. What is so fun about watersports is anyone, regardless of age, gender or skill level can find a ride that suits their boating fancy.

Woman tying a knot

Knots To Know

Knots. Many are challenging to learn, let alone remember how to tie. Tying some knots takes time, too much of it, when you’d rather be fishing. In this day of instant gratification, you won’t find a packaged, ready-to-use Improved Clinch Knot at Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s. Too bad!

Bowfishing at sunset on Tracker Boat

Bowfishing Basics

Bow hunters begin limbering up for the whitetail deer season in summer by taking aim at practice targets in their backyards. That can get downright boring while sweltering in the summer heat when the season is months away.

Dog running after ball by Sun Tracker

Boating with Pets

Pretend for a moment that you are your dog taking a cruise on the family boat. The fresh air awakens the senses with myriad new smells—even more than sticking your head outside the window of the family car. As you lie on the aft lounge, the sun warms your coat and you drift off to blissful sleep. There is water, water, everywhere, and you can’t wait to take a flying leap into it!

Mako Boats

Mako Boat Comparison

The growing popularity of inshore and nearshore saltwater fishing is creating a demand by anglers for boats catering to their specific needs. Whether the pursuit is venturing into the backcountry to search for snook in the mangroves, intercepting migrating tarpon in the pass or stalking redfish in the marshes, there is a rig to meet your needs

Kids tubing behind Sun Tracker Boat

Choosing A Towable

March, 2019

Choosing watersports towables can be like deciding which thrill ride you want to take at a theme park. It all depends on your level of courage and how much you want to laugh and scream as your waterborne joyride is towed behind the boat.

Two people fishing off Tracker Boat

Tournament Etiquette

Are you fired up about the tournament season ahead? Of course! There’s a lot to be excited about when winter gives way to spring. New tackle, a clean slate and a winning attitude are all part of the game.

Three men fishing in the rain on Tracker Boat

New Boating Products

You update your wardrobe for spring and summer—so, why not your boat? Get ready for a season of fun on the water with these new products for 2019. From rainwear and other apparel to electronics and trolling motors, these are but a few of the offerings you can find online at Basspro.com and Cabelas.com and at select Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Boating Centers.  

Tahoe Boat running shot

Choosing Between Outboard and Sterndrive Power

Life is good. You have just decided to buy a new TAHOE sport boat. There it sits in the showroom, ready to be all yours. You envision warm, sunny days on the water with the family in the boat of your dreams. There is nothing left to do but give the nod to the sales consultant and close the deal, right?

Nitro Pros Josh Bertrand Brian Snowden Ott Defoe

How the NITRO Pros Prepare For The Season

How do the pros spend the winter “off season” between tournament seasons? The answer is staying busy preparing for the next season. Boats are ordered, rigged with accessories and decked out with all the latest tricks of the trade. Christmas comes nearly every day. Shipments of the newest tackle arrive and must be unboxed, organized and prepped for duty.

Enjoying  the water around Sun Tracker Boat

Get Your Boat Ready For Spring

The winter of 2019 is nearing an end—thank goodness—as one for the record books. How many times during the cold, dark season did you daydream of getting out in your boat, basking in the warm sunshine?

Targa v19 combo and v19 WT

Targa Boat Comparison

When waves and wind roughen the surface on wide-open lakes, it’s hard to beat a Deep V aluminum boat. These lightweight rigs are equally at home in shallow water, too, making Deep Vs the ideal choice for anglers seeking versatility and value in a boat. 

Sun Tracker Fishing Barge, Party Barge and Sport Fish

Sun Tracker Model Comparisons

Not all pontoons are created equal for every task. What separates them is the boater's choice in on-the-water activities, performance needs, and the pontoon's interior organization, particularly at the bow and stern. Find out what pontoon configuration may be best for you!

Three men fishing on Nitro Boat

10 Winter Boating Tips

Soaking in the rays and spending long summer days on the water. Those are the dreams of boaters during winter. But, why wait when you can take a cruise now? Sunny, mild winter days are rare but perfect for getting your boating fix before summer finally arrives.

Woman putting lifejacket on little girl

Boating Safety Basics

You go boating to have fun. There is a serious side, though, that when overlooked can bring unwanted and/or tragic circumstances to your favorite pastime. The topic is boating safety, and it’s not as boring as you might think.

Bass Pro Boating Center Boats

Boat Show 101

Do you find yourself daydreaming about boating in the dead of winter? If you’re suffering from cabin fever, a cure awaits you at a boat show. The best news? There’s likely a show coming to a city near you in the coming months.

Invasive mussels

How To Avoid Spreading Invasive Species

A well-kept boat is the joy of any proud boat owner. There is more to keeping a boat clean, though, than just soapy water and good old-fashioned elbow grease—especially lately. 

Bass Pro Boating Center Boats

Buying A New vs. Used Boat

Is a new boat for you? Or is pre-owned more your style? Let us help with some tips to guide you toward the boat that is right for you, new or used!

Older couple enjoying hot beverage

10 Fun Fall Boating Activities

Fall signals the conclusion of boating season, or does it? Not really! Even in northern climes, there are fun boating activities—many you never thought of—that can extend the season for creating memories on the water. It’s time to break tradition and make boating part of your fall traditions. Waterways are less crowded, days are cooler, and above all else, changing leaves add a brilliant splash of color to the backdrop this time of year.

Buying graphic

The Smart Buy In Boating & Off Roading

One-stop shopping — customers like it for the savings and convenience. You can fill a grocery cart
 at the supermarket with all you need, but the idea of finding everything needed to go boating in one stop seems 
unrealistic. It's not. Here is how we do it.

Family sitting on boat in showroom

Top 5 Questions From First-time Boat Buyers

This summer, did you spend weekends on the boats of friends or family, wishing you had your own? That’s not surprising. Along the way, you most likely discovered that boating takes the enjoyment of being outdoors to another level (if you didn’t, maybe you should consider trying again with different friends!).

Tracker 195 txw and Nitro z18

TRACKER 195 TXW And NITRO Z18 Model Comparison

Once upon a time, a wide gap separated fiberglass and aluminum bass boats. Performance, stability, durability and interior storage made fiberglass the front-runner on mainstream bass lakes. Lower prices, better fuel economy and getting to unpressured skinny water were short list advantages of lighter weight aluminum models.

Danyeal Posing next to Tracker Boat

Shopping Tips From A Boat Sales Consultant

Buying a boat is much different than an automobile for more than the obvious reasons. Getting you from one place to the next is the fundamental use of a vehicle. More than just a mode of transportation, a boat is your ticket to fun, from fishing and cruising to tubing, skiing and more.

Off Roading

Trot Lines

Gift Ideas For Off Roaders

Beside the ride itself, off roaders like the ability to accessorize their vehicles. Gadgets and gear that keep them on the trail—or get them back on it—are top choices. Here are some gift ideas for the ATV or side-by-side owner on your shopping list.    

 Tracker Off road 800 SX

10 Winter ATV Safety Tips

Mud, snow and cold. Those are some of the givens for wintertime off-roading. Your ATV can handle all three conditions. But can you? There is more to ATV riding in winter than bundling up to beat the chill.

 Tracker Off road 800 SX

10 Ideal Tasks For Off-Road Vehicles

You can easily come up with a list of reasons why off-road vehicles are ideal for hunting. A ride through the gnarly countryside to your deer stand might top the list, as it should. What about a list of non-hunting uses for your ATV or side-by-side?

Hand holding Tracker off road picture on phone

Best Apps For Offroading

Your smartphone should rank low on the gear priority list for off-road adventuring, right? Nobody wants their chill time in the great outdoors interrupted by the annoying ding of incoming text messages. On the practical side, smartphone-powered apps can add convenience and fun to offroading.

Tracker Off road UTV

Conservation Duties For Offroaders

Offroading adds another exciting reason for enjoying the great outdoors. ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and UTVs (utility vehicles) can take riders farther into the wilderness than any 4x4 truck. With that benefit comes a responsibility to respect the land and water that is centric to the offroading environment.

Tracker Off road ATVs

DIY Tips For Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles are built tough to take on whatever stands in their way. So why bother with home upkeep for something that is built like a tank?

Person riding Tracker Off road on trail

Safety Gear For ATVs & UTVs

Enjoying outdoor sports takes two things. Having fun and keeping it safe. Wearing protective gear designed for just about any activity is how you do both.

Tricking Out Your ATV/UTV For Ice Fishing

ATVs and UTVs are becoming increasingly popular for ice fishing because…why not? The same off-road vehicle used during the hunting season is highly adaptable for ice fishing.

Safety Gear For ATV/UTV Ice Fishing

Preventive maintenance and repairs, rigging new accessories and repowering your boat is what you expect to find at the service department of a boat dealership.

Tracker Off road ATV  going through water

10 Safety Tips For ATVs/UTVs

The enticement of accessing the wide open outdoors where you can’t drive even the most tricked out 4x4 pickup is the allure an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). You can take a hike, but why not go farther while easily packing everything you need for the adventure?

Tracker Off road ATV or UTV

Choosing an ATV or UTV

The enticement of accessing the wide open outdoors where you can’t drive even the most tricked out 4x4 pickup is the allure an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). You can take a hike, but why not go farther while easily packing everything you need for the adventure?


Woman working on Tracker Boat

Replacing Trailer Bunks

Unless stored in marina slips or dry docks, most boats spend their downtime on the trailer. Boat trailers are prone to normal wear, just like your vehicle. Tires need replacing, that’s a given. Brakes and lights need checking and replacement. But what about those trailer parts that you don’t give much thought about?

Woman working on Tracker Boat

How To Fix It

Even the best-built boats need TLC over time. That tiny upholstery tear in the passenger seat needs attention before it spreads. Same thing with the spider crack in the gelcoat. Someone spilled a glass of red wine on the cockpit carpet, and it’s looking pretty shabby, too.

Woman working on Tracker Boat

Meet The Team- Manny Pardo

Ask Manny Pardo, boat sales manager in Gainesville, Florida, what he likes most about his job and the answer is universal among his colleagues at any Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Boating Center.

Woman working on Tracker Boat

Repowering A Boat

Today’s well-built boats are made to last. That means repowering—or updating the engine—will eventually need to happen if your boat is a long-term investment. What is more, preowned boats need repowering sooner than new boats. In either case, repowering extends the life of a boat regardless of age. That’s a good thing, and so are the choices that can make your boat perform even better.

Bass Pro Boating Center Tim Thompson

Meet The Pros- Tim Thompson

Taking delivery of a new boat is just the beginning, not the end, of doing business at a Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Boating Center. Here, the experience continues at the service department for as long as you own the boat. 

Mercury Marine Technicians

Mercury Master Certified Technicians

As a boat owner, you want to spend more time on the water and less time at the dealership. Preventive maintenance and unplanned repairs are obviously givens, and where and who you choose to do the work can prolong those sunny days of fun on the water.

Bass Pro Boating Center Jody Graves

Meet The Pros-Jody Graves

Preventive maintenance and repairs, rigging new accessories and repowering your boat is what you expect to find at the service department of a boat dealership.

Bass Pro Boating Center Pro winterizing

Saltwater Winterization

Shorter days and chillier nights mean that winter is coming. Are you prepared for it? Before you put another log on the fire, take a seat and tune into a football game, remember that there are chores to do beyond stacking firewood.

Truck pulling Tracker Boat

Trailer Maintenance Tips and Checklist

For boaters, nothing is worse than a trip to the lake being cut short by a mechanical breakdown of the boat trailer. The sad—but true—fact is your boat spends more time on the trailer than on the water. The good news is that most problems can be avoided by taking precautionary steps at home.

Man winterizing boat

Should You Winterize Your Boat?

Winterizing the boat. Just the thought can send shivers down the spines of boat owners. For one, the timing generally means the end of a fun boating season. Plus, winterizing ranks low on the priority list of “fun” fall chores like raking leaves and cleaning gutters.Before blowing them all off, remember, those chores have a purpose. For boaters, winterizing keeps money in the fun budget, instead of being wasted on costly repairs.

Man winterizing boat

Fall Maintenance And Boat Winterization Tips

Winterizing the boat is an all-too-familiar autumn ritual for northern boaters. What about boaters living in warmer climates? Is it worth spending the time and money on a boat that won’t be used until next spring?


Find The Boat Brand for You!

Find the boat brand for you!

Are you more of an aluminum fishing boat person, a luxury pontooner or a sport boater? Takes this quiz to find the boat brand that fits your personality!

Fish swiming

Freshwater Fish Quiz

How many freshwater fish can you correctly name?


Saltwater Fish Quiz

How many saltwater fish can you correctly name?

Woman putting lifejacket on little girl

Boating Safety Quiz

How much do you know about boating safety? Take the quiz to find out!

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