10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Boaters


Is there a boater on your holiday shopping list? If so, narrow down the choices to practical gifts. Boaters love gadgets and accessories that serve a purpose. Here are our 10 ideas to help fill your list. 

Bass Pro Shop Onboard Battery Charger

Bass Pro Shops XPS IT2 4/4 Onboard Battery Charger
To power their trolling motor and electronics, bass anglers depend on deep cycle batteries. Those need regular charging. Once upon a time, that took lugging around and storing a separate battery charger. But not anymore! Onboard battery chargers make the job easier. Just plug in the extension cord and let it charge. If your boater doesn’t fish, this gadget still makes a practical gift for all those plug-and-play electronics. This charger uses digital and software-based control technology for cooler operation and fast charging. All it takes is mounting the charger inside the boat.

Regular price: $119.99


Stow and Go Compact Grill

Kumma Stow N’ Go 125 Compact Gas Grill
A cookout on a pontoon boat? You bet! All around space-saving design and ideal for the marine environment, the grill uses a stainless-steel burner that evenly distributes heat. It has a stay cool handle for safety and dual-lid locks for convenience. Mount it using any Kumma rail, rod or pedestal mount. Mounting hardware and propane tank not included.

Regular price: $174.99


BoostSport Jump Starter

NOCO Genius BoostSport GB20 Jump Starter Power Pack
Never be stuck on the water with a dead cranking battery again. If you do happen to experience a dead battery, you won’t need to flag down another boater for a jump start thanks to this gadget. Safely jump start a dead 12-volt battery in seconds with the compact lithium jump starter. It even comes with handy USB in/out ports for recharging small devices.

Regular price: $104.99


Mercury Marine Vesselview Mobile

Mercury Marine VesselView Mobile
Mercury Marine VesselView Mobile is a total information portal. The plug-and-play device displays RPM, speed, fuel flow and efficiency, temperature and trim for up to four engines—outboard or sterndrive. All you need is the free iOS or Android app. VesselView Mobile also monitors engine hours to notify you of what maintenance is due and when. With it, skippers can read engine-fault codes and know with certainty whether they should return to port or catch the glitch at the next easy opportunity. 

Regular price: $225


Key-Coded Receiver Lock

Bolt 1/2" Key-Coded Receiver Lock
Locks from Bolt can be matched to the ignition key for your tow vehicle. The trailer boater on your list is going to love these, especially the receiver locks and coupler-pin locks. Locks can be matched to keys from Chrysler, GM, Ford, Nissan and Toyota. Stainless-steel keyholes and locking mechanisms with rubberized shells for receiver locks help fight corrosion. Each lock carries a lifetime warranty.

From $31.99


Royal Anti-Spill Wine Glasses

Royal Stabilis Anti-Spill Wine Glasses
Nothing ruins white vinyl or takes longer to scrub out of your nonskid like a spilled glass of merlot. These anti-spill glasses use an innovative magnet system to keep the glasses upright and in place while out cruising.

Set of four glasses for $99; $59 for magnetic steel board


Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26R Portable Ice Maker
Who wants to keep their ice in a bag inside the cooler along with everything else? Solve that inconvenience with this fresh ice maker. Ideal for pontoon boats, this portable ice maker can make ice cubes in six minutes, and produce up to 26 pounds of ice every 24 hours. Lightweight and portable for easy storage with a length, width and height of about 14."

Pricing currently unavailable


Docktail Bar Holder

Docktail Bar Marine Cup & Bottle Holders
Sure, the boat might have plenty of cupholders, but where to put the 2-liter bottles and containers? Spice up the party and keep it all nearby and organized with myriad options from Docktail. There are configurations and mounting options for pontoons, deck boats and bow riders. There is even a collection for rod holders.

Prices vary according to boat type, size and mounting options.


Boat Loop

The Boat Loop
Help your boater look like a pro while pulling into the dock. The durable fiberglass pole extends their reach from 3 to 7 feet beyond the boat or dock. This handy tool includes an extendable pole with an attached flexible loop used for snaring a piling or dock cleat when coming into a slip. Use the stub end to push away from docks or hazards. The small hook is made for line retrieval, and the large one is for hooking items gone overboard.

From $99.99 on Amazon


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