TRACKER Off Road ATVs & Side-by-Sides

Built For Love Of Country.

TRACKER OFF ROAD™ is the combination of two industry leaders—Textron and Bass Pro Shops/White River Marine Group—partnering together. With a lineup that includes ATVs and side-by-sides, TRACKER Off Road has a range of vehicles ready to perform where the pavement ends.

Tracker Off road ATVs


Starting at $2,399

Tracker Off road light utility

Light Utility

Starting at $5,999

Tracker Off road side by side


Starting at $7,999


Built for the outdoors by the leader in the outdoors, TRACKER OFF ROAD vehicles are backed by robust warranties that are USA Proud. Combining the military DNA technology of Textron, the leader in aeronautic and defense technology, with the vast outdoor knowledge of Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and White River Marine Group, these vehicles are quality-built to protect and defend every American’s right to enjoy peace of mind in the great outdoors.

Fair Prices & Good Deals for Everyone.

Most off-road vehicles are sold through a process that requires negotiation to reach the final price. This means that many buyers pay more than they have to, while only the best negotiators get the best deals. The TRACKER OFF ROAD pricing policy presents the final after-negotiation price up front for everyone to see. 

NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE prices are consistent across the country—websites to advertisements to dealer showrooms—so everyone can expect the best deal available every day, no matter where you shop. Even our freight costs are divided into a fixed East Zone/West Zone freight charge, as simple as can be. You get a top quality TRACKER OFF ROAD vehicle at the best possible price, no matter where you live.

Save 10% on purchases at Bass Pro Shops® and Cabela's® for up to two years!

When you buy any new TRACKER OFF ROAD vehicle, you'll receive a FREE  VIP Owner's Discount Card entitling you to 10% off qualifying purchases at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's–plus 10% off non-alcoholic drink and food purchases at select Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's restaurants–for up to two years! Click here to learn more about offer details!

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