Must-Have Tools For Meat Anglers

A fillet knife is undeniably the most important tool of the catch-and-keep angler. Some prefer the ease of pressing a switch and making nimble cuts with an electric knife. Others swear by carving the meat by hand with a razor-sharp stainless-steel full tang blade model. 

Anyone planning to bring their catch home for dinner knows a sharp knife is a must. Did you know there are other tools of the trade for cleaning and preparing fish for the table? Your kitchen drawer is filled with different tools, and the same goes for gadgets used in preparing fish. 

What’s great about fishing tools is they are evolving by becoming stronger, lighter and more durable than their predecessors. Anglers like tools and the makers respond by introducing new products every year. 

The cool thing about tools is they are fun to use and make whatever job they are intended for easier to accomplish. Check out this lineup of must-haves for the meat angler. At the end of the article we’ve added links to popular articles about preparing and cooking your catch. Tight lines, have fun and bon appetit! 


Bass Pro Shop Onboard Battery Charger

Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Knife

This classic birch handle, progressively tapered, full-tang European stainless-steel blade and fine-tooled leather sheath explain why more than 100 million have been sold to date. The Laplander sheath has a free-swing belt loop that always keeps it clear of the body for safety. With three blade sizes from which to choose (4", 6", 7 1/2"), there’s one just right for every fishing cleaning chore.

$20.99-$30.99 at


Stow and Go Compact Grill

Bass Pro Shops XPS Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered Fillet Knife

Can’t do without your favorite electric-powered knife? No worries with this 3-cell lithium-ion battery that provides 2 hours of continuous use. You also get three precision stainless steel blades for any job—6" and 10" with curved tips for slicing and filleting, and the 8" performance blade for better flexibility and meat cutting maneuverability. This knife is ideal for saltwater anglers who spend long days on the water and far from land. You can fillet the catch on the boat and get it on ice to prevent spoilage.

$99.99 at 


BoostSport Jump Starter

Gerber Vital Take-Apart Shears

Just like the name implies, Gerber put careful thought into designing what tools besides knives meat anglers need most. With a gut hook, fine-edge blade and fin clipper, the powerful scissors can quickly process a fish from just caught to pan ready. The ergonomic handle coated with HydroTread Grip provides precision handling and control during every stage of the cleaning process. The hefty shears are 8" long and weigh just over a quarter of a pound.

$17.99 at 


Mercury Marine Vesselview Mobile

Bass Pro Shops Fish Scaler

For fish too small for the fillet knife—think crappie and bluegill—a fish scaler is a must. This one features two serrated edges with oversized teeth to make the job simple and quick.

$1.99 at


Key-Coded Receiver Lock

Bubba 110V Electric Filet Knife

Think of this as the heavy-duty model of electric knives. The handle has a beefy 8 1/2" non-slip contoured grip so it’s easy to make effortless, consistent cuts without butchering up an otherwise perfect fillet. The set comes with 7" and 9" E-Flex blades for precision cleaning, and 9" and 11" E-Stiff blades when the job requires a more rigid blade. It all fits inside a hard EVA case. Together, the blades can process any type and size of fish.

$124.99 at


Royal Anti-Spill Wine Glasses

Bass Pro Shops Hardwood Filet Board

This is a must-have for keeping slimy fish in place for filleting. What’s cool about this board is the 24" length that makes it easy to store for use on camping trips, in the boat or outside in the backyard. The strong steel fillet clamp, slide resistant grooved base and easy cleaning make it worth of any meat angler’s tool arsenal.

$13.99 at


Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker

Rapala 3-inch Hook Remover

Most hook removers are too big and wide for fish that fit inside a small frying pan. This scaled down version makes it easy to get enough leverage to shake hooks free from bluegill, crappie and other small-mouthed species. This tool neatly fits inside your jacket or pants for instant access. There’s also a coiled wrist lanyard to keep it from accidentally going overboard.

$8.39 at


Boat Loop

Gerber Gutsy

This tool is worthy of meat angler attention for its cool factor alone. At first glance, you have no idea what it’s good for—hence the coolness. When the tacklebox must stay behind, the Gutsy is the go-to solution that is always ready. In this handheld package is a scaler, gutting hook, bottle opener and scooper—all essentials out in the wild.

$19.99 at


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