Getting to Know Your Best Friend on the Water

How we make picking up your new boat informative and fun

The dealership called and the boat of your dreams will arrive soon for you to pick up. This exciting news has you giddy and already making plans to rush to the dealership, hook up the boat and go to the lake for a maiden voyage.

Not so fast! There is more to picking up a new boat than shaking hands with the salesperson and bidding farewell to the dealership. At least that’s the case when you take ownership of a boat at a Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Boating Center. Before you leave there are two very important steps we take as part of the delivery process. We like to think of those steps as part of your welcoming into the boating lifestyle that began during the sales experience.

Before you take the keys to the boat, we conduct a final inspection. You might ask, “Why that wasn’t done at the factory?”

It was. Your boat was thoroughly inspected throughout every step of the build process that uses best practices followed by global leaders in other industries. Quality control is very important to White River Marine Group, which has a rich history of boat building in America’s heartland since the 1970s.

Even so, we want to make one final pass at the dealership to make sure everything is in tip-top shape from stem to stern. Some of that happens before you arrive. There are other steps we perform in your presence, though.

Boats these days come with a lot of bells and whistles. We want you to know how everything works to make your boating experience more enjoyable. That goes beyond how to start the engine, turn on the stereo and let the good times roll.

Getting to know your boat is like being introduced to your new best friend. Silly as that may sound, our delivery process can be an enjoyable way to kick off your boating life. Here is more about what you can expect.

We don’t rush through the process, so leave plenty of time to go through everything with your sales consultant. Unlike some products you buy, there is no “quick start” guide that comes in the owner’s manual of our boats.

Our boat delivery checklist is 11 points in all, and there are multiple items to go through in each category. For example, at the Fuel Tank Fill step, you will be taken through the recommended octane rating and fuel additives, how to prevent overfilling the tank and what is not covered by the warranty.

That might seem like overkill for just discussing a gas cap! What you will learn, though, is that many parts of boat systems are designed to function together. That’s why our delivery procedure is more than just checking off a list of stationary items. You will be shown how to operate the tilt and trim, remove the cowling, adjust the seats and more. Demonstrating how the features work, not just what they are, is our preferred style.

We have our list, and you should bring your own questions as well. We can provide advice on everything from cleaning products to aftermarket accessories that you might want to add to the boat later on. The good news is Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Boating Center is your one-stop-shop for everything related to boating and that includes gearing up for your adventures.

When the moment comes to take the keys, you will have peace of mind knowing that nothing was left out of the process, including checking off a very important item on the list. The first checkbox at POINT 10: Preparation/Explanation of Launch is this item. Written in all capital letters it says “CHECK FOR DRAIN PLUG.” All you need to do is plug it in and enjoy your perfect day on the water with the boat of your dreams. 



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