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TRACKER OFF ROAD Comparisons: 570 vs. 800SX

You might think of the all-terrain vehicle (ATV for short) as a sporty ride for off roaders, or a mode of transportation for hunters. It does a fine job of both! Yet there is much more the ATV is capable of doing thanks to advancements in this multitasking off road vehicle. Better yet, the same is true for the side-by-sides/UTVs that can go where pickups cannot

Electric starters, electronic fuel injection, power steering and on-demand 2/4WD and all-wheel drive are just a few of the many features making ATVs and UTVs appealing to a wider audience.

ATVs are ideal for landowners to use for riding around and surveying their property. If you prefer traveling in a straight line—instead of going the long, winding and beaten path to get there—an ATV can get you there. Steep hills, rocky terrain and muddy ground are no match for an ATV. Depending on the size, you can even tow a small trailer loaded with tools for doing farm chores. UTVs, on the other hand, are the workhorses, capable of carrying more passengers and heavier loads in their pickup-like beds. You cannot go wrong with either, but there are choices to be made based on their design.

Here is a comparison of two popular off road vehicles from the TRACKER OFF ROAD lineup. Those two are the TRACKER 570 and the TRACKER 800SX. We chose these models to give you a comparison between the capabilities of an ATV and UTV.


Assembled in the USA

All TRACKER OFF ROAD models are assembled in the USA, combining Textron’s leading military design and manufacturing technology with the vast outdoor knowledge of White River Marine Group.

Robust warranties
All are backed by a robust warranty: 12 months for ATVs, 18 months on UTVs and 12 months on PTVs. Warranty service and routine maintenance is available at many Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Boating Centers.

Hassle-free pricing
Our retail prices are pre-set at levels most others reach only by aggressive negotiation. TRACKER OFF ROAD NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE prices are consistent across the country at Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Boating Centers. Here are the nationally advertised prices you will pay for the 570 and 800sx. The only difference is freight cost for where you live.

570 – $5,799
800SX – $10,999

Tracker Off road chart
Tracker Off road 570

This popular package features class-leading front and rear suspension travel for a smoother ride. Suspension travel is where the shocks and springs move to absorb the jolts from hitting holes and bumps. How that happens is with the Double-A arm suspension with a full 10" of suspension travel at the front and back. The 570 has independent suspension that allows each wheel on the same axle to move vertically for an even smoother ride on rough terrain. The front and back shock absorbers can be adjusted to stiffen or soften the ride, depending on cargo weight. Polymer plates that protect critical areas like the drive shaft and engine are standard. The Rapid Traction System allows shifting from 2WD to 4WD while in motion to maintain control and momentum. On many ATVs, you might need to completely stop before switching from 2WD to 4WD. Forward momentum is lost, which can be a problem when having to restart in deep snow or mud.

Key features

  • Single-Cylinder Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engine
  • Class-Leading 10" Front and Rear Suspension Travel
  • 11" Ground Clearance
  • 1,050 lb Towing Capacity
  • Durable Steel Racks
  • Rear 2" Hitch Receiver
  • Adjustable Front Shock Absorbers
  • Digital Gauge

TRACKER OFF ROAD offers a Winter Package that proves just how much this vehicle can work or play. The snow-plow package comes with the push plow frame and frame mount, a WARN 3000 winch, a 66” plow blade and even a deluxe thumb and finger warmer kit for those cold winter days.

A different upgrade is the optional TrueTimber Strata Camouflage kit. This features the TrueTimber camo pattern and a WARN 4000 wire winch. This is especially useful if you need to move objects or extract yourself from a sticky situation.

The 570 might be right for you as an all-around ATV for playing off road, working around the farm, hunting or accessing a remote fishing location. A UTV like the 800SX is worth a look if you want to take people with you, haul heavier loads or tow heavier accessories.

Watch this video for an unbiased review of the 570. 


Tracker Off road 800 sx

If you need more seating and towing power, the 800SX is worth a look. It features three-across seating and a whisper-quiet 50-horsepower engine. A vibration-reducing frame, abundant storage and capability-enhancing accessories make it an all-around workhorse for play and work. What else makes it stand out is a robust 2,000-pound towing capacity and 1,000-pound capacity tilting cargo box. Like the 570, this vehicle also features independent suspension and Double A-arm suspension. Unlike the 570, though, the 800SX drivetrain is operated by a CVT (continuously variable transmission) like on some automobiles.

Key features

  • 812cc Liquid-Cooled, 3 Cylinder EFI Engine
  • 2,000 lb Towing Capacity
  • 48 ft-lb of Torque
  • 10" Front Suspension Travel
  • 9.5" Rear Suspension Travel
  • 10.75" Ground Clearance
  • 1,000 lb Cargo Box Capacity with Tilt
  • Tilt Steering Wheel with Column Shifter
  • 3 Passenger Bench Seating
  • Removable Passenger Seats with Behind Seat Storage
  • Toolless Service Components with Easy Access Panels
  • Roll-Formed ROPS (Rollover Protection System)
  • Customizable Speed Controller
  • Pre-Installed Wiring for Accessories
  • Standard 75 Amp Alternator
  • Best-in-Class Sound
  • Tilt-Bed with Lift Assist

There are three optional packages available with the 800SX. The Trail Package comes with a hard top, rear-view mirror, rear poly panel and a full poly windshield. With the Backcountry Package, you get a WARN 4500 winch, winch installation kit, grill guard, brush guards and a rear bumper. Finally, there’s a Premium Hard Cab Package with a rear-view mirror, full hard composite doors, a hard top, full poly windshield and rear poly panel.

The TRACKER 800SX might be right for you if you have a farm or ranch and need cargo capacity to carry tools and equipment for doing chores. The cargo room also makes it great for hauling hunting gear like climbing stands and decoy spreads. You can even tow a small boat with it.

The TRACKER 800SX might not be right for you if you need more seating for carrying hunting buddies out to the woods, though. You might want to check out the 800SX Crew, which has room for six.

Watch this video to see the 800SX in action.


This article about Choosing an ATV or UTV can also help you get started. It presents suggestions from a sales consultant at our Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Boating Centers. When you are ready to shop, his peers will be ready to help get you in the ideal vehicle for your needs.  


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